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Unmet needs, burden of treatment, and patient engagement in multiple sclerosis: A combined perspective from the MS in the 21st Century Steering Group – 2018

Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2018 Jan;19:153-60.

Since 2016, the group has had a unique position as a joint patient and healthcare professional steering group. Having identfiied differences between the opinions of the two groups on the greatest unmet needs in MS care, this paper sets out to provide practical actions on how communication can be improved, and gaps in MS care can be addressed through collaborative patient and healthcare professional projects. 




Future MS care: a consensus statement of the MS in the 21st Century Steering Group – 2013 

J Neurol. 2013 Feb;260(2):462-9.

The first article published by MS in the 21st Century in 2013 was a public statement on what they think MS care should look like in the future. The publication was created after three phases of discussions, during which the steering group envisaged that MS care should include full access to personalised treatment, with reimbursement, to achieve freedom from disease.




Achieving patient engagement in multiple sclerosis: A perspective from the multiple sclerosis in the 21st Century Steering Group – 2015 

Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2015 May;4(3):202-18.

For their second published paper, the MS in the 21st Century Steering Group members researched examples of how best to motivate patients to get involved in their care (patient engagement strategies) and examined ways in which this has worked well in other chronic disease areas. After workshop discussions, the group decided to publish their views on how to achieve patient engagement, and suggest practical ways to overcome any barriers to patient involvement.


MS in the 21st Century is also proud to have published 5 posters to date at international scientific congresses, with a number of them having been nominated for or received awards. The posters below include data generated by the group on perceptions of unmet needs in MS and international distribution of educational resources for MS patients.


Clinicians’ perceptions of how current practice meets multiple sclerosis patient needs: results from a qualitative survey

Presented by Prof Peter Rieckmann at CONy, 2017 in Athens







MS in the 21st Century Mapping Study to Quantify the Educational Offerings for Patients from Multiple Stakeholders in the Field of Multiple Sclerosis in Europe and Canada

Presented by Prof Celia Oreja-Guevara at CMSC, 2017 in New Orleans




A mapping study to compare the educational offerings for patients in the fields of multiple sclerosis and HIV in Europe and Canada

(Electronic copy only)












Comparing patient and healthcare professional perceptions on multiple sclerosis management and care – where do their priorities differ? Results from a qualitative survey

Presented by Prof Dawn Langdon at ECTRIMS, 2017 in Paris











A mapping study comparing educational resources for multiple sclerosis patients across the USA, Latin America, Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions

Presented by Prof Sarah Morrow at CMSC, 2018 in Nashville

At ECTRIMS 2016, we asked our Steering Group members what they thought the biggest issues in MS care were. Click on the videos below to find out what they thought.

Dealing with a diagnosis of MS; are patients well prepared?

Patient video

HCP video

What resources do patients find helpful to support them?

Patient video

HCP video




Since 2016, we have been particularly active representing at congresses all across the world. The videos below are from our symposium held at CMSC in 2017.